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Why Others Choose Beleza Beauty Spa

Why Others Choose Beleza Beauty Spa

Today I did a survey with some of my clients asking “Why did they choose my spa over someone else’s?

Here is what I got:

“Because of you. You are wonderful.
Plus you are very meticulous in ur work. I love your products and I always feel more beautiful and relaxed after an appt w u.
I think you are a rockstar”
S. K. (8+ years client)

“Because you’re not like a typical spa. You spend individualized time and care on each of your clients and make sure we’re happy. The whole experience is enjoyable, pain free, and I always walk out feeling rejuvenated and prettier! ”
K. S. (6+ years client)

“So I chose your spa bc of your super work and excellent professionalism and I love the fact that you never overbook clients and you always take your time ensuring an excellent job all the time” ?
A. T. (2+ years client)

“I chose based off a recommendation from someone who I trusted- especially because it was my first time getting a wax and it had also been hers and she had mentioned how great you were!”
C. W. (2+ years client)

“I looked at Yelp reviews and yours were all stellar, that’s why I came the first time. You were so personal and professional, and I love that it’s always you as the technician.”
M. M. (2+ years client)

“Hey! I like that you are strict about ‘no double dip’ 🙂 And being friendly & personal follow up”
S. K. (4 years client)

“I chose your spa over others due to convenience, comfortability, and location.
Oh yes cleanliness and friendly and care about the client.”
S. D. (1 year client)

“Why did I choose your spa over someone else’s?

At first I was very nervous getting a Brazilian wax. I wanted to make sure that the place I went to was professional got good reviews and clean. Everything that I read about your salon in the reviews helped me make that decision.

I continued to come back to you because your salon is very professional. Clean. Sterile and of course your beautiful smiling face and pleasant calming demeanor.

You have outstanding services and have a wealth of knowledge about your industry. I appreciate that and you take care to make sure your clients are happy.

I hope that answered your question. ?”
C. S. (+2 years client)

“I choose your spa because
1. Of your knowledge on how to do a Brazilian wax. You know what to do so that it doesn’t hurt that much. And I know because before going to you I did it at the jay sisters for the first time and she did not do techniques for helping the pain.
2. You are the only person that understands my eyebrows and keeps them looking great! I’ve gotten compliments from strangers!
3. I love that you also do eyebrow tinting.
4. I love that you only use organic products. So there is no worry about harmful chemicals. I’ve heard of people’s faces getting messed up at spas where they use harsh chemicals.
5. The way you do the Brazilian wax ! It always looks great!”
J. F. (+5 years client)

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